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this mind one Shan but lead

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Dołączył: 30 Gru 2019
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PostWysłany: Wto Sty 07, 2020 03:31    Temat postu: this mind one Shan but lead Odpowiedz z cytatem

The Yan is flown to conceal cargo vessel of in the blackness, secretly observe submarine up come out of personnel, indeed as expected see one collapsed and fainted of woman drive a woman with slender shape's back is on the back, then facing cargo vessel up climb.The Yan flies a look in the eyes sharp, discover a while that that collapsed and fainted woman isn't exactly six Ping pings, just do know the reason why always the obfuscation doesn't come to.
The Yan flies to see with own eyes six Ping pings and loosenned tone in the heart, although six Ping pings didn't move,her chest is tiny to rise and fall, explain that she is just collapsed and fainted pass by.He as long as find out six Ping pings, can save to return to six Ping pings by his ability.
All of the persons, who come out from the submarine, wear close fitting black tunic, in addition to carrying the woman of six Ping pings, all of others are bushy beards, on seeing is person in Middle East, just they look very common, with person nothing important in other Middle East distinct, a carelessly neglect for the meeting they pass by.The feeling that flies in the Yan is knowing, this a few black tunic persons didn't also give him the felling for bringing any danger, is also say, the fighting strength of this a few black tunic persons is very general, at most is just stronger than ordinary people last 1:00.
The Yan after flying see these black tunic persons hangs Gao of the heart finally put down, as long as there being no war capability strong super strong in these people, he saved six safeties of Ping Ping to return to for the ability this time.But only six Ping pings escape from danger, he prepares before the Ping with six pings of various means the meeting start right away, thoroughly shot Kui other people to their lay siege to scheme and pull everything the correct path is once.
Just the Yan flies to also feel strange, if kidnap six Ping pings of is these black tunic person's words, so they is how the shot kill the bodyguard of six Ping pings Wang Li, and become Liu Hong Ji severely wounded of?To know that Wang Li and Liu Hong's real strenght isn't bad pluses them again is lord the field battle, completely can deal with these black tunic persons.However this mind one Shan but lead, Yan's flying don't put in the mind, after all the opponent real strenght is more weak, he is more happy, because he more has confidence to save to return to six Ping pings.He doesn't have the winning of leading role in cartoon two diseases, hoping own opponent real strenght is more strong more good.To him, if can reach a purpose, wholesale Plantation shutters the ability spends lesser energy to spend lesser energy.
Yan's flying has already worked well the preparation work of saving the person, start waiting for six Ping pings drive that woman carry last cargo vessel on that woman's back.Then carried six Ping pings to just go aboard at that woman, a few black tunic persons of submarine underneath still just Xuan steps up, Mu in the Sa waited 4 people still just bridge house of time, the Yan flew suddenly on jumping and silently had no an interest of got empty from Gao of gathered to pack ascend jumped down, his hands become claw, the target is exactly the black dress woman who carried six Ping pings.
The feeling that flies in the Yan is knowing, this black dress woman basically has no existence, the real strenght is extremely small and weak, and he should be able to easily take down that black dress chemisette.But let he the shocked affair took place, others still in the sky, haven't caught there black dress woman to carry on the back up of six Ping pings, see a black dress woman suddenly the title saw him, the ray of light twinkles and quickly appeared one eagle of famous desert of chasing on the hand in her eyes, then this order 50 big caliber pistols to aim at Yan to fly, quickly open fire.
But when the black dress woman opens fire, suddenly appear terror to the murderous look of pole on her body, this murderous look keeps the Yan of shot air to fly and immediately let the Yan fly greatly terrified, the sweat hair pours Shu.
Meet this mishap, the Yan flies and then gets a shock, he originally thought this black dress woman the artistic skill is general, didn't threaten to him.Unexpectedly just a moment, this black dress woman shakes once the body change and suddenly became the fierce beasts of peeping out the Liao tooth from the young girl and wanted to choose a person but bite. wooden shutters blinds
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Wysłany: Wto Sty 07, 2020 03:31    Temat postu:

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